During the Great Recession years, Pierson led the company through tough times while others in the industry were closing their doors. He secured contracts with the Four Seasons Wailea, Lanai Four Seasons Manele and Koele hotels, becoming the premiere limousine service provider. Recently, he purchased a Tesla Model S to add to the fleet — an electric luxury sedan that supports his vision of going green.

How I expect my business to change in the next five years: Our industry is moving towards being more energy efficient — not without some difficulty. In all good conscience, we must attempt to leave a smaller carbon footprint for future generations. The mission for The Limo Company is providing excellent, high-end service with value; we’ll build on that year after year.

The biggest professional risk I ever took, and the result: We’re the first luxury transportation company in the state of Hawaii to acquire a high-end, all-electric sedan; at this time it’s an unknown market. The Tesla was among the 10 finalists for the 2013 Green Car Technology award. Results of this purchase are pending.

The most valuable social media network for my business: It’s the future of business! Facebook is a great way to update our clients on a personal level. However, our most valuable network is word-of-mouth — sounds old school, but a lot of our clients are discerning travelers who visit often and require a personal connection with this company.

What I do to unwind: Sleep! I have a growing family. A good barbeque surrounded by family and friends is the perfect way to relax. The best spent downtime is with my wife and kids.

One thing that most people don’t know about me: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was put in a leadership role at age 17. I provided emotional and financial support for my mom and younger brothers. In spite of the challenges I faced, I knew instinctively what I had to do; it made me what I am today.




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